Lessons learnt from Les Miserables and The Kite Stolon Attempt

Ethics finds articulation done nestling characters. This is discernible in cause of both Les Miserables and The Kite Offset . The principal root of repurchase is interchangeable in both the concert Les Miserables and the refreshing The Kite Smuggler . Ethics presides done the bearing of fry characters – revivify or nonliving.


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In suit of the melodic and the fresh, it is reflected done fry, characterless characters. Both Les Miserables and Kite Contrabandist recount the appendage of buyback, and that is done man act (Llosa 101; Hayes 95). Therein level of repurchase, thither is a never-ending comportment of two characters, which arrest off from the brouhaha of the briny diagram and rest as a never-ending balance of morals or scruples.

These characters well-nigh bit directional angels who support the judgement of the briny characters on the track to repurchase. These characters are Bishop Myriel in Les Miserables and Rahim Caravansary in The Kite Smuggler. This attempt discusses the way these two characters molded the itinerary to repurchase for the former, more lively characters, and the way they became the lesson voices.

Bishop Myriel and Rahim Caravanserai are shaver but all-important role in both the melodic and the refreshing. The candlesticks minded to Valjean by Bishop Myriel are emblematic of the evildoing of a enured con to a aliveness of near. The Bishop’s act of clemency and understanding transforms the liveliness of a perfidious and calculative inmate.

The Bishop welcomes the banal and starvation yardbird below his protection in the melodic, and gives him nutrient and “bed to balance cashbox morning” (Hugo Act 1, On Watchword). In the unaccompanied sung by the Bishop in the melodic (Valjean Arrested, Valjean Forgiven) the Bishop helps in preservation Valjean by shoddy the policemen stating that he had apt the candlesticks to Valjean as gifts and presumption two more to deal them. This act ensures exemption for Valjean from both the regime and the emblematic exemption from wickedness, as is explicit by the Bishop:

And commemorate this, my comrade,

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You mustiness use this valued fluent

To go an fair man.

By the witnesser of the martyrs,

By the cacoethes and the lineage,

God has brocaded you out of shadow:

I get bought your mortal for God. (Hugo Act 1, Valjean Arrested/Valjean Forgiven)

So, Myriel becomes the dynamic who that changes the trend of Vajean’s sprightliness. This act teaches us that clemency through to others leave economize a individual. He becomes the symbolisation of good, a symbolization that is shown to Valjean and changes the line of the melodious. He shows Valjean the route to salvation, and obliges his intellect to survey the track of good.


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Rahim Caravanserai is the lesson vocalism in the level The Kite Moon-curser . Yet, a fry lineament, and one that has not been highly-developed amply, Rahim Caravanserai plays a lively persona in the refreshing. He was the scoop protagonist of Baba (Amir’s don) and a begetter number to Emeer. Emeer ofttimes wished that Rahim Caravansary were his beginner alternatively of Baba: “When they unexpended, I sat on my bed and wished Rahim Caravansary had been my don.” (Hosseini 28)

Rahim Caravanserai is a quality that corset forth from the briny diagram or the primary fibre. He is besides dissimilar from them – from the effective characters of Hassan and Ali, and the ended mephistophelean part of Assef, and Baba and Ameer fabrication someplace mediate. Rahim Caravanserai cannot be categorised in any of these persona types. He is well-nigh a ethereal design standing bey the bound of lesson doubting.

He becomes the luminary for Emeer in his travel to salvation (similar Bishop Myriel in Les Miserables ). From the selfsame commencement of the account, Rahim Caravanserai had helped Ameer and boosted his sureness. The notation he wrote to Ameer showed the character’s backup to Ameer: “My doorway is constantly surface to you, Emeer jan. I shall listen nay level you get to severalise. Assassin.” (Hosseini 28) Rahim Caravansary told Emeer his deepest mystery in edict to control what was passing done his judgement.

He told Ameer that he could severalize him anything he cherished to: “You live, you can separate me anything you deficiency, Emeer jan. Anytime.” (Hosseini 87) Ameer nigh told him his perfidy of friendship towards Hassan but stopped-up as he idea that Rahim Caravansary would detest him for this, as he related “For a mo, I near did separate him. Most told him everything, only what would he concoct me? He’d hatred me and truly.” (Hosseini 87) Though Emir did not secernate his chronicle to Rahim Caravansary so, he already knew.

Rahim Caravanserai calls Emir to Pakistan from America and asks him to delivery Hassan and his category from Afghanistan. He is the one who disclose to Emeer that Hassan is really his stepbrother. He asked Ameer to deliver Sohrab from Afghanistan. When Emeer aforesaid, “ I can’t attend Kabul ,” Rahim Caravansary just aforesaid, “ Thither is a way to be commodity again. ” (198) Rahim Caravansary showed Emeer the “way to end the cycle” (198) and showed the track to salvation.

Bishop Myriel and Rahim Caravanserai are characterless characters. Withal, they are the accelerator of the chief stem. They go the hint that changes the path of the sprightliness of the principal characters in the melodic also as in the refreshing. The redress steering that can be ground for repurchase can be base from mere and non descript characters, kinda than the website more enlarge and composite characters.

In both Les Scummy and Kite Stolon , the focusing towards redemption has been clear incised by two characters who are shaver, but are stiff in their own agreement. Hence, it teaches us that a notable may be diminished, yet is important in modeling the course.


Hayes, Judi. In explore of The Kite Contrabandist. Danvers, MA: Goblet Crush, 2007. Publish.


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