8 Tips to Increase Your PC Productivity After Updating Drivers

Looking for the default administrator password in Windows? There’s no guarantee that downloading the missing DLL files will fix the error for sure but that’s one approach, you should download from safe sources like Having antivirus software active all the time is recommended for your computer’s security. For Google Chrome and Firefox users, Microsoft says the update also won’t change default browser settings. When your laptop is plugged in, Windows 10 disables the Power Throttling feature.

If Do not display "Install Updates and Shut Down" option in Shut Down Menu is set to Yes, you must activate (or de-activate) the Do not adjust default option to "Install Updates and Shut Down" in Shut Down Menu option. To get you started, let’s take a look at the three most important control areas: Web Browsing, Apps, Games, & Media, and Screen Time. Tweaking the acrylic setting to get the desired blur amount seems to work.

Although not great from a security perspective, there are many ways to reset or remove a Windows password for local accounts without having administrative access or passing the security checks from Microsoft’s online form. Switching from Procreate on iPad to Sketchable on the Surface Pro 7 was frustrating and limiting. DLL Care has been updating its solutions for the Windows registry keys related with missing, damaged, corrupted and deleted DLL files.

Virtually all smartphones now have capacitive touchscreens. Once you select Add a phone, you will be met with a welcome screen to get started setting up your phone. Comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding using the above methods to disable shared experiences in Windows 10. The new and improved version of Microsoft’s Edge browser, which reached the beta milestone recently, is based on Chromium, the open source project Google uses for its Chrome browser.

Note that you can get this erroneous warning even if you haven’t changed your Microsoft account password, don’t have any problems logging in to your account and don’t share PC data with other gadgets. We fixed an issue where the Search box in the taskbar was no longer dark when dark mode was enabled. When you click on an icon, it will take you to the file in the cloud, thereby letting you create more disk space on your hard drive.

Before proceeding, remember that some of the automatic updates will be security updates or important stability improvements that you will want to have installed on your system. To get started, hit Windows Key + R and type: regedit and click OK or hit Enter to launch the Registry. Empty the Recycle bin to remove them permanently from your PC. 2.Switch to Hardware tab and then click on Device Installation Settings.

I tried the ”” and a screen appeared with a red ”X”.That is a bad news bear if you ask me and it is. a message reads, ”You cannot use this feature in this version of Windows 10” Thank you for taking the time to help. I used to spend days tweaking my BIOS settings and running torture tests to make sure my CPU was running flawlessly and at maximum capacity. You can also see any notifications you missed while Focus Assist was on.


Settings > System > Notifications & Actions is also where you can personalize the Quick Action buttons that appear at the bottom of the Windows Action Center (the pane where notifications appear on screen). No response to reboot prompt for: The machine will reboot if the user does not defer or reboot for the specified amount of time. Enter your Microsoft account password to verify your identity. Update power policy for Cart Restarts: This policy is for educational systems that remain on carts overnight and allows updates to be installed even on battery power.

Lenovo tosses in the keyboard cover and a stylus at no extra charge, so the X1 Tablet is usually around the same price as the Surface Pro 7. But its larger, 13-inch screen makes the entire tablet bigger and heavier to carry around, and in our battery test it lasted just 3½ hours, a worse result than what we got from anything other than the Surface Go. Its fan makes it a bit noisier than the Surface Pro in heavy use.